Purchasing Policy

1. Fair and Equitable transactions

We do not discriminate the companies that wish to do business with us based on any ground such as country, region and race, and have an open-door policy equally to all business partners.
The selection of suppliers will be based on fair evaluation from the viewpoint of quality, cost, technology, and delivery time.

2. Building Trust in Relationships

We consider our suppliers to be irreplaceable partners in our business activities, and build trust in relationships through communications.

3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, and Social Responsibility

We comply with the laws and regulations of each country and conduct transactions in accordance with corporate ethics and social norms, and fulfill our social responsibilities decisively in line with our commitment to CSR initiatives such as environment, human rights, and the elimination of antisocial forces.

4. Continuous Improvement Activities

In cooperation with our suppliers, we are making efforts to perform activities such as quality improvement, cost reduction and green procurement.


CSR Procurement Guidelines

The IRISO Electronics Group recognizes that “conflict minerals,” which pose risks such as human rights violations and environmental destruction, as well as concerns that they may fund the activities of corrupt or armed groups, are an important social issue in the supply chain, and has established CSR procurement guidelines.