ESG Initiatives


Under the management philosophy of “- As a link to the future- respecting individual’s value and creating values in abundance to contribute to society”, Iriso Electronics has been contributing to global efforts on sustainable environment and society and aiming for a steadily growing company with a corporate vision of “striving for a centenary company that creates customer values”.
In 2016, we created this vision at the time of the Company’s 50th anniversary in the belief that the Company would last again for the next 50 years. To survive for more than 100 years, the Company needs to contribute to global environment protection and social problem solving and to keep sincere efforts for building trusting relationships with all stakeholders including employees as well as to win fierce competitions in business. To realize the vision and to drive the further growth of IRISO Electronics, we will make strong efforts on our ESG development as well as on business expansion.
We will have two ESG approaches, “ESG risk management” and “creation of business opportunities by targeting the ES issues“.

ESG Risk Management

1. What we have done so far

E (Environment)

  • ・Compliance with regulations (REACH Regulation, RoHS Directive)
  • ・Garbage classification (Yokohama City) (3Rs remarkable company certification)
  • ・Replacement of fluorescent lights with LED lights at the Head Office (in 2013)
  • ・ISO14001-certified company (In 2000)

S (Society)

  • ・Promotion of work-life balance (activities for 30% increase in productivity ⇒ work style review, overtime work reduction)
  • ・Promotion of female employees to executives and managers
  • ・Sponsorship of an educational scholarship foundation (2016~present)
  • ・Collection of used stamps and donation of unused calendars (2008~present)
  • ・Donation of second-hand clothes and fund-raising activities (2011~present)
  • ・Others, such as community clean-up activities in the area around the company and supports for local events

G (Governance)

  • ・Compliance with the corporate governance codes
  • ・Improvement of the company management structure
  • (Shift to a company with an audit and supervisory committee) (2018~preent)
  • (Establishment of a nomination committee and a remuneration committee) (2018~present)
  • (Increase in the number of outside executive directors 4 outside directors in July 2021 at a ratio of 36.3% in terms of the breakdown of the executive board members)
  • ・Compliance committee and in-house training programs
  • ・Development of regulations for eliminating antisocial forces
  • ・Risk assessment practice
  • ・Whistleblower protection system

2.Next Step Forward

To develop our ESG, we created the following roadmap in May 2021.
To continue our ESG efforts as one of our priority areas in the business plan, we will ensure to drive the initiatives forward based on the roadmap.


Creation of Business Opportunities by Targeting the ES Issues

・Environmental and social issues, and necessary technologies and equipment


・Focus Areas for Iriso Electronics and Iriso Solutions

Iriso Electronics will deliver three solutions for “autonomous and ADAS, electrification,
robotization and FA equipment” to meet the market needs.
Notably in the automotive market as our key focus area, net sales in the “automotive safety system market” for autonomous and ADAS are differentiated from those in the “powertrain market” for electrification, and we will focus our efforts on these key focus areas for business growth strategies.


Documents on ESG initiatives

ESG Practices (Disclosure date:May 10, 2021)DOWNLOAD
ESG Initiatives(English) (Excerpt from Supplementary Materials for the first Quarter of the Fiscal
Year Ending March 31, 2019) (Disclosure date: August 2, 2018)DOWNLOAD