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2020.04.20New Products

Introducing the “18021 Series” Connector for in-vehicle inverter IGBT with resonance absorption function.

On April 20, 2020, IRISO Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., (headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan and CEO Ikuo Yuki), announced the “18021 Series” Connector for in-vehicle inverted IGBTs that also has a resonance absorption function. The 18021 Series Connector is a bottom mating type socket connector for internal connection, intended for use in extreme vibrating environments (2.54 mm pitch, movable in Z direction).
Reduce soldering stress of IGBT connection which used inside of the drive inverter for environmentally friendly vehicles. The 18021 Series offers effective operation capability and reliability by connecterization.
Reduces the soldering stress of the IGBT connection used inside the drive inverter, which is necessary for environment-friendly vehicles. By making it a connector, workability and reliability are greatly improved.

Product Features

1) Connecting from Bottom
The pin insertion is initiated from the bottom of the connector that makes it easy to confirm the connection visually.
2) Movable structure and positioning correction
IRISO’s Floating (movable) Board-to-Board Connectors move in the X/Y direction and absorbs positional deviation between boards during mating, making it easy to design multiple arrays on the same board. This contributes to improved efficiency and performance. This series adopts IRISO’s “Z-Move™” technology, which enables Z-direction’s movement capability. It also absorbs board resonance after mating, thereby providing high connection reliability.
3) Reduce soldering load
In addition to the floating function, this 18021 Series has provided holding bracket at both ends of the housing. It reduces external forces and prevent solder cracks from soldering.

Product Specifications

  • Pitch


  • Floating

    X ±0.5㎜ Y ±0.5㎜

  • Pin Counts

    3pin, 5pin(Contact for more pin count options.)

  • Connecting Type

    Stacking; Bottome Entry Type

  • Operating Temperature Range

    -40 ~ +125℃

  • Rated Current

    1 A

  • Rated Voltage

    125 V (AC, DC)

  • Contact Resistance

    100 mΩ

  • Withstand Voltage

    500 V

  • Durability

    10 times

The 18021 Series Connector is ideal for applications in powertrain/electric power steering such as inverters and converters, battery monitoring systems (BMS), and motor/robot controllers, factory automation equipment, power meters such as smart grid equipment.
For more information, please visit the IRISO website.

About IRISO Electronics

IRISO Electronics is a leading company in connector development in the automotive market and has excelled in the infotainment, ADAS and Powertrain segments. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of product development and developed a wide range of know-how cultivated in the automotive market to all electronic devices in both the consumer and industrial related products. We are focused on product development that is easy to use and easy to work with.

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