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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Policy Statement

By following the management philosophy of “For bridging the future, respect everyone for who they are, create value in the world around us, and work towards a better society,” IRISO continues to supply products that satisfy and inspire customers. To ensure IRISO meets the trust and expectations of customers, shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders through applying the management philosophy to all business practices, the “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” declares its commitment to anti-bribery and corruption. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves as an effective way to guide the behavior of all directors and employees of both IRISO Electronics Industries, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (including temporary employees, contract employees, part-time employees, part-time workers, and others who have an “employment relationship” with IRISO) and is shared across the IRISO group.

Once a year, the Human Resources and General Affairs Division performs a risk assessment for the cases in which potential risks of corruption lie in the business operations of divisions and overseas subsidiaries, as well as continuing to alert employees of possible risks. In addition, the Audit Department regularly cross-checks the anti-corruption efforts of each business division and overseas subsidiary from the perspective of corruption prevention through performing internal control audits, operational audits and ISO audits, as well as reporting the results to the President and Directors.

Prevent the Violations of Antimonopoly and Subcontract Acts

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics declares that IRISO complies with the Anti-Monopoly Act, the Subcontract Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other Japanese and foreign competition laws for the purpose of doing fair and ethical business with business partners. IRISO observes contract terms and conditions with its suppliers, promote business activities on an equal footing with them, and never offers, demands, or accepts bribes, cash, or any other forms of improper payments to gain business advantages in any business situation.

Prevent Bribery and Corruption

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics declares it does not offer, demand, or accept bribes, cash, or other forms of improper payments from suppliers, public officials, or others to gain advantage in any business situation or to obtain or maintain business or business benefits, whether in Japan or other countries.
IRISO believes that addressing the bribery and corruption risks in global business is of great importance for the IRISO group, especially given the recent situations including its accelerating growth in global business, the enforcement of stricter laws and regulations, as well as the application of stricter rules to bribery prevention and detection. IRISO complies with anti-bribery laws and regulations applicable to the countries and regions where we do business, as well as prohibiting bribe giving or receiving to or from public officials and others. In addition, to avoid bribery in any business operations involved with the IRISO group, as well as to ensure its clean business operations, IRISO requires those who operate the group business or part of the business on behalf of the IRISO group or business partners who work with the IRISO group to comply with the anti-bribery acts and regulations.

Prevent Insider Trading

The “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” declares IRISO takes the utmost care in managing important information about itself and its business partners, as well as being committed to staying away from insider trading. Likewise, the “Regulations for Prevention of Insider Trading” prohibits communicating important information on non-public facts, which is known as insider information, making recommendations on business dealings, as well as buying and selling shares based on such insider information. In addition, IRISO continuously provides e-learning programs and critical information to prevent insider trading, as well as alerting those who are subject to trading restrictions.

Avoid Antisocial Forces

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics declares that, to prevent any damage caused by antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society, IRISO does not tolerate any antisocial force and get involved with them, which serves as our core policy. Besides, the “Anti-Social Forces Exclusion Regulations” has been introduced and communicated among all employees to prevent any damage caused by antisocial forces by providing response measures and system to respond to the request of antisocial forces for contact with us, as well as to block and avoid any relationship with antisocial forces.
To collect information on antisocial forces, IRISO continues to closely works with external specialized organizations such as the police, the Corporate Protection Council, and attorneys in preparation for unjustified demands by antisocial forces.

Political Contributions

IRISO complies with the Political Funds Control Law and does not make any “donations to individual politicians,” which is prohibited by the law. As a general rule, IRISO does not make any donations to political parties or political fund organizations, either. IRISO would check carefully to make sure they would not violate the Political Funds Control Law if it considered making such donations.

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