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Corporate Logo

IRISO Electronics started its business from making a pin and has grown into a global connector manufacturer today.
To show that we stay true to the spirit of our founding, our corporate logo has three lines. Each line represents a pin that makes up a connector, and all three represent a connector together. We create products that exceed customer expectations by gathering all commitments and wisdom of employees and connecting them to the company goals.
Such activities and the image of connectors made up of high-quality pins are represented by the three lines consisting the logo: “red” symbolizing passion, “blue” symbolizing wisdom and “green” symbolizing collaboration.


IRISO Electronics has a brand purpose statement of “Together, surpassing expectations by empowering connections to enrich society and delight people”. The essence of the statement is communicated by our brand slogan, “Interconnect with Reliable Solution,” to work together with one goal.
To create a better future, we suggest safe and secure connection solutions developed through our businesses with life-critical equipment manufacturers to our customers.