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Corporate Governance Policy

Since its establishment in 1966 to contribute to the development of the electronics industry, IRISO has been playing a part in improving the functions of electronic devices based on its management philosophy of “For bridging the future, respect everyone for who they are, create value in the world around us, work towards a better society”.

As a global corporation, IRISO secures its relevant profits, as well as being committed to sustainable development.
IRISO also recognizes the importance of earning the trust of all stakeholders including investors, business partners, employees and local communities for aiming at the continuous growth of the IRISO group and increasing its business value.
Based on this recognition, one of the key management issues of the IRISO group is to improve corporate governance for ensuring the transparency and accountability in management. IRISO aims to demonstrate social responsibility to all stakeholders.​ ​

IRISO continues to improve its management system and ensures its business operations are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.