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Straight (ST) Type

This type of connector is going to be used where mating PCBs are positioned in parallel to each other.


Right angle (RA) Type

This type of connector is going to be used where mating PCBs are positioned perpendicular to each other.


SMT Type (Surface Mount Type)

This is a type of connector that solders (mounts) components directly to the integrated circuit using surface mounting technology.

DIP Type (Through Hole type)

This is a type of connector that has a through hole for mounting components on a printed circuit board and solders (mounts) through the legs (leads) of the component.

Floating Type

The floating type is defined as the connector which is movable in X,Y,Z axis, which allows to offset mating positional errors. IRISO’s flagship product is the floating connector which has a wide variety of configurations ranging from of 0.5mm to 2.0mm pitch and mating height of 4 to 30mm.


Advantages of Movable (Floating) Connectors

  1. Offset mating positional error
  2. Multiple connectors can be mounted on a PCB
  3. Reduced stress on soldered parts
  4. Reduced stress on contact area

* BtoB®, a board-to-board connector, is a registered trademark of Iriso.

Fixed Connection (Rigid type)

A type of connector where the mated connector does not move in any of the pitch direction, row direction nor fitting direction (X, Y, Z directions).

ZIF type

While inserting the card into a FPC/FFC connector, the card is locked with a lock function such as a slider (cover). The insertion and removal force are reduced while the card retention force is large.

Slider Lock Type

Unlocks by pulling out both ends of the slider (the cover slides).


Flip Lock Type

Release the lock by raising the cover tip upward (the cover rotates).


Back Flip Type

Locking mechanism on the opposite side of the card slot (the cover rotates). This type is advantageous on the positional fluctuation of the card (up and down) and thus makes it more efficient to operate.

I-LOCK ™ type

“I-LOCK ™” type FPC/FFC connector built with Tentative Latching Terminal(TLT) is set of terminals that hold the wire in position prior to the locking operation. The TLT at both sides are slotted into the two cut-out windows of the wire. Tactile and audible feedback indicate that FPC/FFC is fully inserted and securely mated.


Auto I – LOCK TM

The next level in I-Lock FPC/FFC connector technology is our Auto I-LOCK ™ technology. It makes single action robot-friendly assembly through automatically locks, allowing for greater extraction resistance. Auto I-LOCK ™ automatically locks when the FPC/FFC is inserted and has high speed digital signal transmission capability with 100Ω impedance matching. There is an optional grounding feature to minimize Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).


Two Point Contact

Two point contact ensures contact reliability against contamination defects. During the manufacturing process, contamination from the air or flux sometimes sticks on the connector’s contact, which can cause conductivity defects. IRISO’s two point contact structure will either remove the contamination, or ensure the conductivity with a contact point even when the other contact point has been compromised.



A type in which the FPC/FFC card is directly inserted into the card slot of the connector. The advantage of this type is that there are less processes (no need to lock the slider/flip lock).