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Onboard coaxial camera solution

What is the onboard coaxial camera solution Absorb 6G CAM?

As needs for autonomous driving and ADAS continue to grow, the demand for view cameras (cameras showing the surrounding view), e-mirrors, sensing cameras, monitoring cameras, and other types of cameras is rapidly increasing in the onboard camera market. In conjunction with this increased demand, manufacturers may be facing problems such as the need to automate production in order to increase the number of products manufactured, or difficulty dealing with the enormous amount of data handled for autonomous driving.

In response, based on technology that we have cultivated thus far, IRISO Electronics offers the onboard coaxial camera solution Absorb 6G CAM. This solution was developed using the concept of “proposing a total solution from the camera internal connector to the connection cable connector, instead of simply offering a connector alone.”

Through connectors which achieve high-speed transmission, miniaturization, and increased efficiency of production processes by supporting automatic assembly, Absorb 6G CAM meets a wide range of customer needs such as increasing the number of camera pixels and decreasing the size of the camera.

We would now like to introduce in detail the three features and four components of Absorb 6G CAM.

Onboard coaxial camera solution Absorb 6G CAM

Three features of Absorb 6G CAM

This solution meets a wide range of customer needs by utilizing the three functions of “support for automatic assembly,” “support for high-performance cameras,” and “support for miniaturization and single-board design.”

Support for automatic assembly


IRISO Electronics is proud to offer the industry’s largest variety of floating connectors with movable connection surfaces when mated. These floating connectors absorb the misalignment of boards and reduce the stress on soldered parts. The floating connectors prevent solder cracks. Furthermore, it is possible to mount multiple connectors on the same board and fit them together.

The connectors used for Absorb 6G CAM also provide a large degree of misalignment absorption in order to meet the needs of automatic assembly and robot assembly, and contribute to absorption of misalignment during assembly and optical axis alignment.

Support for high-performance cameras


IRISO Electronics offers connectors that support high-speed transmission while retaining the superior functions of our conventional products; for example, the floating mechanism. Even terminals with complicated structures can achieve a high-level of high-speed transmission by possessing a stable impedance profile.

The Absorb 6G CAM connector supports 3GHz transmission and contributes to ensuring communication quality and increasing the number of pixels (up to 3 million pixels; supports coaxial (PoC) transmission).

Support for compact and single-board design


Cameras are becoming increasingly smaller and more sophisticated, and parts are becoming increasingly smaller. In response, IRISO Electronics has reduced the board connector mounting area by utilizing technological capabilities which we cultivated in board-to-board connectors, our area of expertise. This contributes to the miniaturization and lowering of the height of the camera.

Four components

The concept of “Absorb 6G CAM” is “proposing a total solution from the camera’s internal connector to the connection cable connector, instead of simply offering a connector alone.” With the following four components, we respond to your needs through a one-stop solution.

  • (1) 0.4 mm pitch board-to-board connector (floating/rigid)
  • (2) Coaxial compression connector that allows for misalignment
  • (3) Camera rear case with coaxial (FAKRA) interface
  • (4) Coaxial (FAKRA) cable connector

(1)0.4 mm pitch board-to-board connector (floating type/rigid type)

An inter-board connector that connects the boards inside the camera.

Two types are available: a floating type and a rigid type that supports miniaturization. Customers can choose according to their needs. We also have an extensive product lineup that can meet a wide range of needs for the number of pins and fitting height.

board-to-board connector (floating type)

board-to-board connector (rigid type)

(2)Coaxial compression connector that allows for misalignment

This coaxial compression connector allows for misalignment and achieves contradictory elements such as high-speed transmission, absorption of misalignment, and miniaturization.

The connector has an effective mating length of 1 mm in the Z direction and can absorb stacked parts tolerances and assembly tolerances.

Due to the positional relationship between the center contact and the shield shell, it is capable of absorbing ±0.5 mm of positional deviation in the XY direction.

The unique impedance control structure realizes high-frequency characteristics of 3GHz, thus making it possible to support higher functionality for onboard cameras.
Supports 3GHz transmission even when the position is misaligned

The compression structure makes it easy to manage low profiles and heights. No stress on contacts when absorbing misalignment

(3)Camera rear case with coaxial (FAKRA) interface

We will customize our solutions according to your needs.

The case shape can be customized according to your needs. The core area supports standard parts

The signal terminal and shield terminal have a flat structure due to coming into contact with the coaxial compression connector.

The interface shape is FAKRA shape that complies with USCAR specifications

Waterproof IP x 9K compatible (rear case is stand-alone waterproof)

Currently considering the development of hybrid housing using metal housing (die casting) and heat dissipation resin

(4)Coaxial (FAKRA) cable connector

We recommend a FAKRA cable connector that complies with USCAR specifications. We cooperate with FAKRA connector manufacturers to evaluate and verify the combination with our rear case and PCB connector for guaranteeing total mating and transmission.