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Wellness management

Employee Health and Wellbeing Purpose

We are committed to promoting all employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace. We ensure our wellbeing initiatives support employee’s mental and physical health, even as they age.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Policy

Taking care of all employee’s wellbeing leads to increased employee motivation and engagement in the workplace. Consequently, they are more productive and engaged, who have fewer workplace accidents. Therefore, we will develop our strategies for managing workplace health and wellbeing, and create a supportive work environment to ensure all employees stay happy and healthy at work.

Hitoshi Suzuki
President and CEO
IRISO Electronics. Co., Ltd.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Organizational Chart

Strategy Map

Activity Plans for This Year

1. To reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases

Stair walking promotion
Walking events

Health care education

Tailored health care guidance

2. To support employee health and wellbeing

Workplace flu vaccination

Partial financial support to flu vaccinations in private hospitals

Initiatives to help employees quit smoking
(smoke-free work hours,
incentives for smokers who visit cessation clinic, incentives for smokers
who have quit, etc.)

3. To promote work-life balance

Mentorship program
Application software for monitoring employee mental wellbeing to offer
individually tailored support and improve the organization as needed
Background music (BGM) in the workplace
Group long-term disability insurance (GLTD)

Activity Goal and Result

Activity Result Target FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Regular health check participation rate 100% 99.6% 100% 100%
Mental stress testing
participation rate
100% 76.9% 81.4% 84.5%
Work hours
(Overwork average per year)
Less than
25 hours
21.5 hours 23.5 hours 22.1 hours
Annual paid leave
(Rate of annual paid leave taken)
More than 70% 56.8% 70.1% 72.9%
Employee illness and injury leave, days per employee 2.00 days or less 1.34 days 1.60 days 1.81 days

Government Evaluations of our Employee Health and Wellbeing Activities

We have been conducting employee health and wellbeing activities since 2021 to keep all IRISO employees healthy and happy at work. As a result, IRISO has been certified as a 2024 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization by METI (the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
Besides, the company has earned the Yokohama Health Management Class AA Certification from the City of Yokohama.
We will continue to further develop our health management for helping all IRISO employees stay healthy and improving employee engagement.