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Automation Connector

Automation Connector

Currently, the demand for industrial robots is expanding rapidly. Although robot production has a variety of advantages, in-process defects can occur.

To address this issue, IRISO has launched the new “Automation Connector” concept, based on the technology it has cultivated to date.

Three technologies

Floating connector

IRISO boasts an excellent variety of floating connectors in the industry with movable connection surfaces when mated. The floating connector offsets board misalignment and reduces stress on the soldered area. Also, multiple connectors can be mounted and mated on the same board. A wide range of variations is available to meet customers’ needs.

Auto I-Lock structure

IRISO’s FPC/FFC connector Auto I-Lock structure automatically locks when an FPC/FFC card is inserted and ensures secure mating, enabling robot assembly even when the FPC/FFC card is used.

2-point contact connector

IRISO’s two-point contact connector has a structure with two contact points on the same line. It functions to remove suspended matter and scattered flux and promises stable contact with reliable wiping. By utilizing a two-point contact connector, contact reliability is improved, which contributes to total cost reduction.

Demonstration using Automation Connector

This is a collection of demonstrations that reproduce the process of automated assembly of applications equipped with IRISO’s solution, “robot assembly compatible connectors.
As we have experience working with various robot manufacturers, we will introduce you to some specific examples.