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2020.07.31New Products

Introducing IRISO’s “16124 Series” Compression Terminal for Smartphones and Tablets


On July 31, 2020 IRISO Electronics (CEO Ikuo Yuki, headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan), announced the ultra-compact compression terminal “16124 series” which is the EMI countermeasure functional component.

With the spread of 5G/IoT, EMI countermeasures in the internal circuits are becoming more important. Reliable ground connections at various parts are also required.
In order to solve both EMI and strengthening ground connections, IRISO has developed the compression terminal called the “16124 Series”. The 16124 series is smallest product in the market and can be used for small devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Copper alloys are used which has excellent conductivity and spring properties, and can be used for additional device connections.

Product Features

Feature 1: Miniaturization and High reliability
In order to achieve stable contact pressure, dimple processing is used for the contacts, achieving excellent contact performance even with an ultra-small size.
In addition, the wiping effect reduces the influence of dust on the contact surface and the generated film, so foreign matter is not an issue.
Furthermore, a side protector was adopted which reduces stress from either the left and right sides reducing the inward push that is more than necessary. It has a structure that maintains the shape and integrity of the contacts.

Feature 2 :Various Lineup
IRISO’s compression terminal lineup covers a wide range of compression sizes from 0.6 mm to 7.0 mm so that it can be used as a substrate for any application. Please use the “Compression Search” feature on our website to find the product that supports your needs.

Product Specifications

  • Connecting Type


  • Compression Range

    1.0~0.8mm (Recommend Height=0.9)

  • Contact Force (Compression Range=0.9)


  • Operating Temperature Range


  • Rated Current


  • Rated Voltage

    50V (AC/DC)

  • Contact Resistance


  • Durability

    10 times


The 16124 Series Compression Terminals are ideal for applications in Communication devices such as Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, mobile routers, and home devices such as home gaming consoles, communication robots.

16124 Series

IRISO Electronics is a leading company in connector development in the automotive market and has excelled in the infotainment, ADAS and Powertrain segments. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of product development and developed a wide range of know-how cultivated in the automotive market to all electronic devices in both the consumer and industrial related products. We are focused on product development that is easy to use and easy to work with.

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