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Beware of suspicious emails from the Emotet Malware

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.
Please be altered of the Emotet Malware email attacks.

We have confirmed the fact of that suspicious emails from third parties disguised as our group employees have been spreading out.
As the findings of our investigation, the suspicious emails were not sent from IRISO groups, and the sender names as a disguise enclosed IRISO company addresses but the actual from addresses were NOT IRISO entities but unknown third parties.

To prevent the malware attacks and virus infection, in any chance of email exchanges with our company please do not open any unknown file attachments, nor click on the URL links before confirmed the senders’ email addresses (NOT the sender name). If you found any suspicious emails, please delete it immediately.

Please consider the following actions to prevent Emotet infection and minimize damage caused by the infection.

(1) Make sure that the source and content of the email are reliable sources.
(2) Please do not open any email attachments unless verified and confirmed.
(3) For documents with macros, do not enable macros unless it is judged to be safe.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

[Contact for inquiries regarding this matter]
Information System Department, IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd.
Email address:
Telephone: +81-045-478-3513