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2020.10.19New Products

IRISO Electronics announces the release of 0.5mm pitch “11503 Series” FFC connector, capable of transmission speeds up to 25 Gbps.


On October 20, 2020, IRISO Electronics (CEO Ikuo Yuki, headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan) announced the improved “11503 Series” FFC connector that enables transfer speeds of up to 25 Gbps.

Compatible with FFC with shield that enables high-speed transmission of digital signals. The GND pin is attached and EMC measures are also taken.
The optimized contact structure supports up to 25Gbps transmission range by selecting FFC.
It has the “Auto I-Lock” structure unique to Iriso that locks automatically when the FFC card is inserted.
Added a window to confirm the full insertion of the FFC in the 11501 series of sister products. It also has a deep groove in front and a guiding taper on top which improves the FFC locking action.
As a robot assembly compatible connector, it contributes to assembly automation.

Product Features

Feature 1 : Auto I-Lock™
This series adopt IRISO original technology
“Auto I-Lock™ *1”, it is able to eliminate the process of opening and closing of the slider or cover to lock FPC/FFC,
and it is automatically locked when you insert the FPC/FFC card.
This function prevent slanted insert or incomplete mating, therefore improve the workability.
(Press upper surface of the lever to unlock.)
(*1) Auto I-Lock is a registered trademark of IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd.

Feature 2 : High Speed
The demand for high-frequency component signals is omnipresent. Ever advancing technology requires modern devices to have high-speed and reliable transmission from it’s connected components. IRISO has met this challenge by combining our floating connectors with high-speed transmissions technology.

Feature 3 : Usability improvement
This series follows the shape of its sister product, the 11501 series, and adopts an FFC insertion detection pane and a “chin projection” shape for improved use.

Detection panes are placed at both ends of the upper part of the connector to make the FFC insertion position visible. It eliminates the additional insertion check process.
Normally, it is necessary to aim at the FFC’s front with pinpoint accuracy when inserting the FFC, but the 11503 series has a deep groove in the front and a “chin projection” shape to widen the FFC’s entrance. In addition, the upper part of the mating face is tapered to make it easier to stow the FFC, which improves the attraction of the FFC.

Product Specifications

  • Pitch

    0.5 mm

  • Mount Type

    Right Angle

  • Operating Temperature Range


  • Rated Current

    0.5 A

  • Rated Voltage

    50 V(AC,DC)

  • Contact Resistance

    40 mΩ

  • Durability

    20 times


This connector is suitable for use in communication equipment such as 5G base stations, servers, switchers; household appliances such as LCD TVs, home video game consoles, communication robots; and in-vehicle equipment such as cluster panels and navigation systems.
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16124 Series

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