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2020.10.20New Products

IRISO Electronics announces the “10143 series” board-to-board connector that achieves 16Gbps high-speed transmission with a floating function.


On October 20, 2020, IRISO Electronics (CEO Ikuo Yuki, headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan) announced the concept of “10143 series” board-to-board connector that combines 16Gbps high-speed transmission and floating function.

A board-to-board type” hybrid ” connector that achieves both high-speed transmission at 16 Gbps and a floating function with an unprecedented amount of movement (± 0.8 mm in the X and Y directions for a 0.5 mm pitch). Power supply terminals also function as fixed brackets mounted on both ends of the connector which reduce the size and pin count of the connector. It also contributes to controlling the size of the entire board. We are preparing for production of this product with the aim of mass production in 2021. 

Product Features

Feature 1 : Floating Capabilities
IRISO’s Board-to-Board Floating connector technology allows connectors to have a greater tolerance on misalignments, especially those with multiple connections. This tolerance helps the assembly process by allowing forgiveness in small misalignments of the mating guides. In addition, our floating connectors have the ability to absorb terminal stress, in order to provide optimal electrical performance.
The 10143 Series connector offers a range of movement that exceeds the pitch width, moving 0.8 mm in the X-Y directions.

Feature 2 : High Speed
As the demand for high-frequency component signals becomes universal, advanced technology requires modern devices to have high-speed and reliable transmission from it’s connected components. IRISO has met this challenge by combining our floating connectors with high-speed transmissions technology. The 10143 Series offers one of the highest transmission speeds of 16 Gbps in the floating BtoB connector industry.

Feature 3 : Power Pins
Two dedicated power pins, a total of 4 power pins rated 3.0A each, have been added on both ends of the connector. These power pins not only hold a higher power rating than signal pin, increasing the overall power supply, they provide a solid connection to the PCB, adding stability while protecting against solder peeling and stress. These features contribute to the miniaturization of the entire connector, giving you flexibility in your overall PCB design.

Product Specifications

  • Pitch

    0.5 mm

  • Floating

    X:±0.8mm Y:±0.8mm

  • Operating Temperature Range


  • Connecting Type


  • Rated Current

    Signal:0.5A/pin, Power:3.0A/pin

  • Rated Voltage

    Signal:50V, Power:50V

  • Contact Resistance

    Signal:<=100mΩ, Power:<=50mΩ

  • Height

    Under Planning

  • Pin Counts

    Under Planning


This connector is suitable for applications that require high-speed transmission signals in a wide range of fields including, in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS applications, broadcasting and communication equipment, office equipment, as well as industrial equipment such as robots and commercial equipment such as POS systems.

IRISO Electronics is a leading company in the development of connectors for the automotive market, including infotainment, ADAS and powertrains. In recent years, we have expanded our product development scope and the know-how we have cultivated in the automotive market, to a wide range of electronic devices, including telecommunications-related, consumer-related, and industrial-related equipment. We are focused on product development that is easy to use and easy to work with.

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