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“Automation Connector” wins “2021 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Excellent Product Award”

IRISO (Headquarters: 2-13-8, Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) is excited to announce that our “Automation Connector,” which was designed in response to in-process defects caused by robot assembly, received the “2021 JSME Excellent Product Award” from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

About JSME Medals and Awards

The JSME Awards are a system of awards established by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1958 to “encourage the development of mechanical engineering and industry in Japan.” Awards and medals are presented for excellent products, technologies, and papers every year. The “Excellent Product Award” is presented for products related to machines or mechanical systems in recognition of excellent R&D and technical capabilities in the development process, and excellent products with high social value that contribute to environmental response and improved efficiency, as well as accuracy and quality improvement with machines.

Automation Connector

Our Automation Connectors are a group of products which utilize three technologies that we have developed; “Floating Connectors,” “Auto I-Lock,” and “2-Point Contact Connectors.”
These contribute to assembly quality and stable production tact with robot assembly, which reduces labor and operating costs.

Three Technologies Comprising the Automation Connector

With concerns about the decreasing working population in the manufacturing industry, the three technologies used in the “Automation Connector” are viewed as promoting assembly automation for various products and as greatly contributing to the development of the robotics field.

Floating Connectors

Our Floating Connectors contain a spring allowing for movement on the board to which the connector body is mounted, which contributes to better assembling since board misalignment during assembly can be absorbed, reducing the stress on soldered parts. We are proud to offer the largest variety of floating connectors in the industry.

Auto I-Lock

Auto I-Lock contains metal parts on the inside of the connector for holding the FPC on both the left and right sides. Therefore, just inserting the FPC automatically completes the process from mating to fixing. This simplifies the actions of robots during automated assembly, dramatically reduces mating defects caused by misalignment, and enables robot assembly of FPC/FFC cards, which was previously considered difficult.

2-Point Contact Connector

The 2-Point Contact Connector has two contacts on the same line. The front stage contact removes any foreign material that enters the connector during mating to ensure a proper connection for rear stage contact. This makes it possible to support different assembly environments and contributes to the global expansion of automated production.

We develop and produce connectors for transmitting electricity and signals in automobile parts, industrial equipment, and consumer products that are sold all over the world.
We are a market leader in the development of connectors used in vehicles such as for infotainment systems, ADAS and powertrains. By developing advanced products, we make it possible to securely connect various digital devices to applications using our technological capabilities.
We will continue working with customers to help resolve issues by utilizing our best-in-class lineup with highly specialized and reliable floating technology compatible with various combinations.

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