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2022.05.17New Products

Announcing the concept of Absorb 6G CAM, an onboard coaxial camera solution that supports automatic assembly, high performance, and miniaturization of onboard cameras.

On May 17, 2022, IRISO Electronics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and C.E.O: Hitoshi Suzuki) announced the concept of the Absorb 6G CAM onboard coaxial camera solution that supports automatic assembly, high performance, and miniaturization of onboard cameras.

Absorb 6G CAM is a solution that meets a wide range of internal connectivity needs for onboard cameras. Based on the floating board-to-board connector and other technology cultivated by IRISO Electronics, the concept of this solution is “proposing a total solution from the camera’s internal connector to the connection cable connector, instead of simply offering a connector alone.” The solution provides the three features of “support for automatic assembly,” “support for high-performance cameras,” and “support for miniaturization and single-board design.” For coaxial type cameras, we provide a total solution with connections in three locations: harness to rear case, rear case to board, and board to board. We also customize our products according to the needs of our customers.

In accordance with the three features of Absorb 6G CAM, it supports automatic assembly and robot assembly. It also contributes to the absorption of misalignment during assembly and optical axis alignment through a function for correction of mounting misalignment and parts tolerance that occurs during the assembly of onboard cameras. (maximum XY direction: 0.9 mm, Z direction: 1.0 mm *board connector combination total). Furthermore, while ensuring communication quality by supporting high-speed transmission (supporting 3GHz transmission) and improving the performance of the camera by increasing the number of pixels, it realizes reductions in the mounting area of the board connector, and contributes to reductions in the size and height of the camera. (connector size: length 5 mm x width 5.5 mm x height 3.65 mm *when using Nom).

About the individual parts composing solution

Absorb 6G CAM consists of a floating board-to-board connector, a coaxial compression connector, a coaxial camera rear case connector, and a FAKRA harness connector. We plan to start mass production in 2022. Currently, we are still accepting consultations on custom product development and prototyping.

Product Specifications   Floating board-to-board connector
(10126/10136 series)
Coaxial compression connector
Coaxial camera rear case connector
Pitch mm 0.4
(absorption of misalignment)
mm XY:±0.4
Z:±0.3 ~ ±0.5
Number of poles pin 20 ~ 60 1
Mating height mm 3.0 ~ 5.0 3.65(nom)
Operating temperature range -40 ~ +125
Rated current A 0.4 1.0
Rated voltage V 50 50

Click here for details on the individual parts that compose the solution.

About IRISO Electronics

IRISO Electronics is a leader in the development of connectors (infotainment, ADAS, powertrain, etc.) for the in-vehicle market. In recent years, we have expanded our base of product development and widely applied our know-how cultivated in the in-vehicle market to all electronic devices such as communication-related devices, consumer-related devices, and industrial-related devices. As a comprehensive connector manufacturer, we focus on developing products which are easy to use and operate.

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