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About company and business

Q1 When was the company established?

Established in December 1966.

Q2 Please tell us about your company's business.

Please check from the "Company Profile" page.

Q3 What is your corporate philosophy?

Please check the "Corporate Philosophy" page.

Q4 Please tell me about the group companies.

Please check from the "Company Profile" page.

About Financial Results and Financial Information

Q5 When is the fiscal year end?

March 31st every year.

Q6 How can I find financial information?

The latest Financial Summary are posted on the "Financial Summary" page. Information is also posted on the IR News section of the top page.

Q7 Please tell us about the schedule for the announcement of financial results.

Please check from the "IR Calendar" page.

Q8 Is past financial data available?

You can download the data since the initial public offering (1995) from the "IR Library" page.

Q9 When is the general meeting of shareholders?

It's June.

Stock-related matters

Q10 When was the stock listed?

It went public on September 12, 1994.

Q11 Where is your listing market?

Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime).

Q12 What is your securities code?

It's 6908.

Q13 What is the trading unit number of shares?


Q14 What is the current stock price?

Please check from this page.

Q15 Are there shareholder benefits?

Currently, we do not have a shareholder benefit plan.

Q16 Where is the shareholder registry administrator?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking.

Q17 Who should I contact if I want to know about procedures related to shares?

With the digitization of share certificates, in principle, the securities company, etc. where the account is opened will handle shareholder address changes, purchase requests, Other procedures. Please contact the securities company, etc. where you have an account.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking is the account administrator for various procedures related to stocks recorded in the special account, so please contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking. In addition, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking branches all over Japan can also act as an intermediary.

For details, please check the website of the shareholder registry administrator (

Toll-free 0120-232-711