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 Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System

The IRISO group has introduced a whistleblowing system to ask for advice on or report the violations of laws and regulations at the organizational or individual level, as well as to early detect certain types of wrongdoing and put them right, for the purpose of improving compliance management.


This system is available to all executives and employees of the IRISO group (including temporary employees), as well as workers employed by business partners. If any violation of laws and regulations, harassment, leakage of confidential information, or any other act that may violate laws and regulations is discovered, an employee may report or receive advice from the point of contact within or outside the company, either by disclosing his or her real name or by remaining anonymous. The point of contact outside the company is a lawyer for whistleblowers in Japan and dedicated reporting desk (multilingual service, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) operated by an external company for whistleblowers outside Japan. These contact points and reporting/consultation procedures are posted on the intranet and on posters and so forth.


The responsible person (the General Manager of the Administration Division) considers in a fair, ethical, and sincere manner whether or not the reported case requires investigation when he or she is informed that the contact point receives a report from a whistleblower. If the responsible person decides an investigation is necessary, the office of communications (the Human Resources & General Affairs Department) investigates the case in a fair, ethical, and sincere manner, by ensuring that the whistleblower is not identified by others for any reason. If any wrongdoing is revealed, the office of communications takes steps to put it right, improve it, and prevent its recurrence, such as improving work operating systems and rules, and punishing the violator. Receipt confirmation, investigation, updates, and results are notified to the whistleblower as needed if he or she disclosed his or her real name.


The office of communications preserves data of whistleblowers’ names and contents of their reports strictly and keep it confidential, as well as ensuring whistleblowers are not affected by dismissal or unfair treatment of any kind because he or she reported or asked for advice. Relevant actions are taken to ensure the whistleblower's work environment is not affected negatively after whistleblowing.