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IRISO has been contributing to the development of the electronics industry worldwide for over 50 years since its foundation as a comprehensive connector manufacturer. Over 3000 employees support customers world wide on a wide range of products,. As a leading connector manufacturer, we will continue to innovate new products to satisfy your needs.

Corporate Profile

The IRISO company profile, which has information on capital, number of employees as well as officer profiles, can be accessed by clicking here.


Greetings from IRISO Electronics, Chairman & President

Corporate History

The history of IRISO.


We have manufacturing and sales bases around the world, and have built a global system to meet the needs of customers in various regions.

Brand Statement

We are engaged in Corporate Identity(CI) activities. 
CI activities are activities to help people understand the growing IRISO Electronics market with a positive image. 
We strive to delight our customers with our innovative products.

Business Composition

Iriso is the leading provider of connectors to the automotive market, specifically automobile AV and electronics.​ ​
Since it's founding in 1966 as a pin manufacturer, IRISO has steadily expanded it's electronics offerings.

Design Policy

Based on the concept of “market-in”, we manufacture products that are closely linked to customer needs. We listen carefully to customer feedback, verify any issues that may exist in all processes from conception to the production line, and incorporate the feedback into product design. Furthermore, we provide a consultative approach to developing custom products ensuring a successful partnership.

Philosophy & Purpose

Our management philosophy and our purpose (what role IRISO should play in society)  based on the management philosophy.

Action Guidelines

3G6S is our internal mandatory process for ensuring smooth and efficient daily operations.

Pursuit of Excellence

We believe connector reliability is the most important factor that leads to the success of our customers products in the market. We showcase a reliability test laboratory that can simulate the customer's use environment, which includes both material and elemental analysis. The test lab conducts mechanical tests, vibration tests, insertion/extraction tests, shock tests, environmental tests (such as corrosion tests using atmospheric gas) and thermal shock tests.

Company Brochure

Company brochure. It is published as a PDF file.


We publish initiatives related to sustainability.