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Safety and Health Policy

- Safety receives the highest priority -

Basic Policy

IRISO respects human rights, and its basic philosophy gives top priority to prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses and to protection of the safety and health of all people who work at the company so that they can live a more fulfilling, peaceful and cultural life. We create a lively and pleasant work environment, where all people of the IRISO group can work with enthusiasm and maximize their potential, through facilitating open discussions which allow everyone to freely express their thoughts and ideas, 

Key Policy

  • 1.
    We identify and eliminate hazard sources and dangerous works, and develop a safe and pleasant work environment to achieve our targets of “zero occupational injuries”, “zero fires” and “zero traffic accidents”.
  • 2.
    We comply with the laws and regulations for occupational safety and health legislated by different countries and regions and also with our internal rules at all group entities to improve safety and health management.
    We conduct occupational safety and health risk assessments in all workplaces to identify hazard sources for reducing work-related risk factors.
    We prevent “caught-in or -between hazards” that are the most common cause of work accidents and “hazards leading to cuts and grazes” as the second leading cause.
    We conduct equipment safety inspections (using check sheets) at all production bases at the phases of designing and placing orders, finishing and receiving to ensure all safety standards are met whenever production equipment is installed.
  • 3.
    We ensure our occupational safety and health management practices are thoroughly applied to the IRISO group.
  • 4.
    We develop our health management system and increase workplace flexibility to ensure the health and well-being of all people of the IRISO group, to take prevention measures against their health problems coming from overworking and to improve their mental health. 
  • 5.
    We promote good communication and foster an open and free workplace culture to perform safety and health activities through participation.

This policy is shared with all employees who work under the organizational management of all group entities and made known to the public. 

April 1, 2023