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Flexible design and development for responding to sophisticated demands

IRISO creates products that closely match our customers’ needs based on the “market-in”※1 concept. We listen closely to our customers’ comments, examine the challenges that exist in all processes from an application’s basic concepts to the manufacturing lines, and reflect our findings in product design. We also propose “something extra” on top, and carry out flexible product development that satisfies our customers even further.

*1: Market-in = A management stance taken in developing, producing and selling a product,whereby a company works to provide items that the users want by gaining an understanding of what the customers and buyers request, demand, and need.

2-point contact connector born from customer’s voice of “elimination of poor contact due to foreign matter”

After the connector is shipped, during the process up to the completion of the final product, floating substances in the air and scattered flux may adhere to the contact points of the connector, resulting in poor contact.

Iriso’s two-point contact connectors are designed with two contacts with high contact reliability. (1) Even if one of the contacts gets on a foreign object, the other contact makes contact.

2-Point Contact structure

I-Lock™,created from customers’ call to eliminate incomplete insertion

FPC/FFC connectors have continued to evolve in line with our customers’ requests for lower backs, narrower pitches, and higher density.

We developed the I-Lock series featuring our unique lock system by taking a good look at issues raised by customers, such as not being able to tell how far the cable should be inserted to obtain proper fitting, frequent incomplete insertion, and cable falling out. 

Unlike conventional FPC/FFC connectors, I-Lock connectors produce a solid “click” feel on insertion. After being locked, there is no worry about them coming, out even when pulled on.

Connector with anti-static film

Double-side floating function,created from customer requests to further increase operational efficiency

B to B Floating is our leading connector series that can directly connect two circuit boards. 

Floating B to B connectors in particular boast the largest number of variations in the industry. 

Floating connectors traditionally move on one side only (either the socket side or the plug side). However, following up on customer comments that operations would be improved even further if both sides moved, we created a double-floating connector in which both the socket side and the plug side move.

This product withstands strong impact (twists), enabling customers to improve assembly operation efficiency.

Both sides Floating connector

Connectors with antistatic film,created from customer requests for considera of electrostatic discearge(ESD)

We developed a connector that comes with an antistatic film in response to customer comments that even slight static electricity could lead to electronic component breakage or malfunction. Such static electricity occurs as connectors are mounted together densely and used in a high-frequency range.

Since ESD countermeasures are taken at the connector portion with these connectors, customers can reduce the number of anti-ESD parts and achieve ideal pattern designs.