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The following is a guide to IRISO's strengths in three areas: products, customer network, and global network.


Many variations of Floating Board to Board Connectors

We have many types and more than 1,000 combinations of Floating Board to Board Connector. We can propose connection solutions based on Floating Board to Board Connector technology.

What is a Floating Board to Board Connector?

・Absorbs board misalignment and reduces stress on soldered parts. Prevents damage to soldered parts
→Quality Improvement
・Since the connectors Floating while they are in contact, it is possible to connect multiple units while they are mounted on the same board.
→ Improved assembly workability

IRISO has technologically evolved the Floating Board to Board Connector, and has the world's first connector "Z-Move structure" that can Floating in the Z direction in addition to the conventional X Y direction.

・In addition to the X Y direction, the world's first connector that can Floating in the Z direction ensures high reliability.
・Vibration resistance → The contact does not move even if it vibrates
・Heat resistance →Heat resistance requirement increased from 105°C to 125°C. The heat resistance of the material is improved, and it can be used even in high-heat areas near the engine.
・Can be installed in the driving parts of HV, EV, PHEV vehicles, robots, etc.

Abundant sales results centered on the automotive market

Our products, including Floting Board toBoard Connectors, have an extensive track record of installation in the automotive market, where reliability is important and barriers to entry are high.

Customer network

We work with almost all tier 1 (auto parts manufacturers) companies around the world. Through our Tier 1 companies, IRISO connectors are in the cars of automakers around the world.

Global network

In order to propose and supply products to customers around the world with a "customer first" policy, IRISO has sales in 12 countries, production in 4 countries, and development in 2 countries.
About 90% of production is overseas, and about 80% of sales are overseas, and we are actively developing our business overseas.