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Engaging with Our Shareholders and Investors


Iriso Electronics Group is committed to disclosing information in a fair and timely manner and continuously facilitating mutual interactions and communications with our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, to keep them informed about the company’s strategy and performance and create higher values of the company. 
Therefore, we actively create opportunities for open dialogue and deliver feedback on the opinions and concerns of our shareholders and investors to the company executives and departments involved in shareholder engagement at major meetings and other opportunities to share and leverage the information collected through shareholder dialogue.

To prevent insider information leaks, we set a quiet period from the day after the financial reporting period starts until the day of releasing a quarterly earnings report. During the quiet period, the release of material or non-public information through shareholder dialogue is restricted.


The company CEO and executives in charge of Investor Relations (the General Manager of the Administration Division), and IR officers mainly take charge of shareholder dialogue. The Human Resources and General Affairs Department of the Administration Division assists and foster IR process and activities.

Communication Channels

Activity FY2022 Results Responded by
Investor Presentation 4 times a Year CEO, IR Executives
Small Meetings(with analysts) 4 times a Year CEO, IR Executives, IR Officers
Meetings with Institutional Investors in Japan and abroad 220 times a Year CEO, IR Executives, IR Officers
Factory Tours Once a Year Executives in charge of Production Management Division、IR Officers

We have met our institutional investors not only from Japan but also from North America, Europe, Asia, and other countries, who have a wide range of investment styles and focus areas.
Many of our shareholders, with whom the CEO and IR officers have interacted and communicated for years, adopt long-term investments.

Key Dialogue Themes (FY 2022)

・Profit improvement strategies
・Automotive industry trends
・Sales and product strategies
・Production capacity improvement and facility investment plans
・Working capital policy
・ESG practice (including our response to the rating agencies’ assessment)