Connectors - IRISO Electronics co.,ltd.


Philosophy & Purpose

Management Philosophy

– Bridging to a brighter tomorrow –
we cherish individuality, cultivate values through innovation and creativity, and commit to a positive and smart future.

We value our customers, investors, employees and all other people, keep delivering top-quality products that satisfy and impress our customers, and commit ourselves to increasing their happiness, trust, confidence and loyalty.

Purpose (Our Role in Society)

To bring this philosophy into shape, we have set our purpose (what role IRISO should play in society) , dream (what we envision making happen in the future world) and belief (what we value).


Together, surpassing expectations by empowering connections to enrich society and delight people.

Purpose (What role we play in society)

We connect over electric paths with our strong proposal ability to empower customers. We provide secure, safe and user-friendly connections.

Dream (What we envision making happen in society)

We are deeply committed to the act of “connecting” and create a future world friendly to people and environment, where a wide array of features and functions are easily connected.  

  • ・High quality: legal compliance, quality first and customer trust
  • ・Manpower-saving: deep commitment to floating technology for assembly automation
  • ・Resource saving: deep commitment to downsizing and composite technology for    lightweight products

Belief (What we value)

Full of Gratitude and Inspirations to All Customers.
The name of “IRISO” is deeply rooted in our gratitude to customers. We turn our joy of working into unique technology and return the favor by bringing reliability and surprise to them through offering our products.