Social significance of the Group

Consistently provide products that give satisfaction and excitement to customers, and aim at becoming a company which both our customers and society appreciate and take pride in.

Management Principles

Basic policy

Setting down the minimum targets needed for practicing our management principles.

The basic policy which demonstrates the targets and goals that our group’s executives and employees should aim for.

Action guidelines

The foundation of behaviors and actions executives and employees should be especially aware of in day-to-day business operations
The 3G6S are necessary for the group to carry out daily business operations smoothly and efficiently. this is a perpetuual policy that will never change in the future.

Management policy

Representing the form which our corporate group should aim for each year

As a link to the future

Iriso will always create a sharing platform with its customers. We will continue to read into the future, and challenge ourselves to continually invent values that link to the future.

Respecting an individual’s value

Strategy and tactics alone do not necessary contribute to a company’s growth. We are always conscious and thankful to the surrounding people in our company. The impressing and satisfying of our customers is a type of respect that will rest in a person’s mind for the future.

Creating an abundance in value

Acting on an individual’s set targets, careful consideration, self-challenges, and concerted efforts makes a big difference to an enterprise. To be creative, and to do what no one has done before, will contribute the achievement and satisfaction of the individual employees.

Contribution to the society

As an enterprise, gaining a customer’s trust, contribution to the society and the development of science and technology is achieved through highly effective management. Our existence is acknowledged and support is received from local societies through our honest contribution of taxes. We will always supply a product that satisfies and impresses the customers. Not only will our customers be proud of our contributions, but society will be as well.