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Our strength ADVANTAGE

IRISO Our Strengths

IRISO develops and manufactures "connectors" that connect electricity or signals inside automobile parts, industrial equipment, and consumer equipment, and sells them worldwide.

Utilizing our highly specialized and reliable Floating structure technology, we offer a wide variety of world-class products. It supports flexible combinations and contributes to solving all kinds of customer problems.

Three strengths of IRISO

01Assembly Workability

Assembly workability

We offer a wide range of products that focus on assembly workability, such as Floating Connector, products that are easy to use in production processes, and products that support automation of work processes.

02Quality Reliability

quality reliability

Products designed for various usage environments are highly evaluated for their quality and reliability and are widely used in the automotive market, which is used in harsh environments.

03High-speed transmission

high speed transmission

We propose next-generation product development, test environments, and high-High-speed Transmission Solution that meet the needs of the times when many things communicate at high speed.

Information on connector products and solutions

Connector structure/performance

Floating Connector

Floating Connector

A connector with a Floating structure that can be Floating between rows and in the pitch direction (X-axis and Y-axis) by the Floating spring of the terminal. It absorbs board misalignment and prevents poor contact due to defects such as solder cracks.

Z-Move structure

Z-Move structure

In addition to the Floating structure in which the X-axis and Y-axis Floating, the connector has a structure in which the Z-axis Floating while the contacts are fixed. Prevents deterioration of contact reliability due to micro-sliding wear.

2-point contact connector

2-Point Contact structure

A connector that has two contacts on the same line and has a function to remove foreign matter such as floating matter and scattered flux. Increased contact reliability improves yield and contributes to total cost reduction.


Auto I-Lock structure

A connector with a structure that automatically locks when an FPC/FFC card is inserted. Diagonal insertion and incomplete Mating are less likely to occur, contributing to improved work efficiency. We also support robot assembly.

High-speed transmission Connector

High-speed transmission Connector

A connector that supports high-speed transmission while maintaining the conventional superior functions such as the Floating structure mechanism and Auto I-Lock structure. It has a high degree of freedom in design, and contributes to solving various connection problems inside the equipment accompanying the increase in signal speed.

High heat-resistant Connector

High heat-resistant Connector

Connectors that maintain long-term connection reliability in high-temperature environments. Utilizing the know-how and CAE obtained from many reliability evaluations, we respond to the heat generation associated with the rapidly evolving high functionality of various devices.

Solution proposal

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