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IRISO develops and manufactures "connectors" that connect electricity or signals inside automobile parts, industrial equipment, and consumer equipment, and sells them worldwide.

What is a "connector"?

A connector is an electronic component that connects electricity and signals. A familiar example of a connector is the tip of a smartphone charger that is inserted into the smartphone. While some connectors are visible, IRISO specializes in connectors for internal connection, such as B toB (Board to Board) connectors that connect the circuit boards used inside equipment.

Where to install IRISO Products

IRISO connectors are mouted inside the following devices.

1. In-vehicle equipment

・Safety equipment (millimeter wave radar, camera, etc.)
・EV/HV/PHEV in-vehicle power train equipment (converter, inverter, etc.)
・Car navigation, car audio, etc.
・Cluster panel
・Switches (air conditioners, indicators, wipers, etc.)

2. Consumer equipment

Printers, MFPs, game consoles, digital cameras, LCD TVs, etc.

3. Industrial equipment

FA related equipment (PLC, inverter, etc.), smart meter, etc.