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High Speed Transmission High-speed Transmission Solution

What is a High-speed Transmission Solution?

Challenges of IRISO in the 5G/Society 5.0 era

Against the background of 5G/Society 5.0, etc., the amount of information handled is increasing significantly. Along with this, various problems have arisen in ensuring signal quality in high-speed transmission of electrical connections.

IRISO, Ltd. combines product technology and application engineering to provide solutions that solve these problems.

To Society 5.0 era

Technological innovation such as the use of IoT and AI is called the "4th Industrial Revolution." And the society that will be led by it is the "Society 5.0 era."

In the "Society 5.0 era", data collected by various sensors in the real world (physical space) is accumulated as big data. By analyzing it in cyberspace using large-scale data processing technology such as AI, we can predict and simulate events that will occur in the future to derive the optimal solution. Based on the results, we will provide new services that we use in our daily lives, revitalize industries, and solve social problems. This concept is called CPS (Cyber Physical System).

Currently, PCs and smartphones are the main points of contact in the Internet space, but in a society in which the real world (physical space) and cyberspace are interconnected, in other words, a "CPS society", it is spreading to living spaces such as cars and homes. To go. Therefore, the collected data will become more and more important.

“5G” essential to the realization of a CPS society

As a means of communication to realize such a society, the characteristics of 5G, such as high-speed, large-capacity, ultra-low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections, will be required. In order to realize a CPS society, it is essential to have two types of hardware, 5G (communication infrastructure equipment) and data centers, and various high-speed transmission/connection technologies are required for that purpose.

5G and IRISO

IRISO, an electronic connector manufacturer, will support a part of the CPS society in the Society 5.0 era in terms of high-speed transmission / connection technology for the spread of 5G.

Take for example something called O-RAN.
O-RAN is an organization that standardizes the technology that opens the radio access network, the so-called “RAN”, separates RU-DU with Split Option7-2x, and enables connections between different vendors. Since 5G uses high frequencies, the radio waves are highly directional and the reach of the radio waves is short. Therefore, it is necessary to install many base stations to secure the coverage area, reducing the impact of increased capital investment. O-RAN was launched to do so.
O-RAN specifies 25 Gbps with eCPRI as the interface. The issue in high-speed transmission/connection technology is how to deliver the 25 Gbps high-speed signal input/output from the interface to the ASIC and FPGA in the device.

How to deliver a high-speed signal of 25 Gbps to the ASIC and FPGA in the device

Therefore, IRISO Industry has developed high-speed jumper solutions and 25Gbps support in order to realize high-speed signals of 25 Gbps in an optimal form for customers Floating structure Board to Board Connector said High-speed Transmission Solution We develop and provide it.

Technologies that enable High-speed Transmission Solution

High speed jumper solution

High speed jumper solution
High-speed jumper solutions provided by IRISO, Ltd. separate high-speed signals from the board via FPC/FFC, contributing to flexibility in customer design and cost optimization.
We will respond to customer needs with three points: low-cost, high-performance/low-loss wiring materials, connection with low-reflection connectors, and optimal design.

25Gbps Floating structure Board to Board Connector

Appearance of evaluation board
Floating structure Board to Board Connector, IRISO 's main product, expand the freedom of customer design in terms of mechanical and mechanical aspects, and contribute to higher efficiency in the production process. Furthermore, we will expand the supported speed to 25 Gbps or more, and contribute to the realization of a CPS society in the era of 5G and Society 5.0.

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