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Long-Term Vision

Our long-term vision is to achieve sales of 100 billion yen and rank within the top 10 of the world's connecting parts industry. We have set a target for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2030, and are working to capture markets that are expected to grow in the future and to strengthen our production capabilities.

Automotive related market

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a once-in-a-century change. It is expressed by taking the initials of four words that indicate new automobile technology and services called CASE.
C stands for “Connected,” which is a technology that allows the vehicle to have a built-in communication terminal and constantly exchange information with the outside of the vehicle using the Internet. A stands for “Autonomous”, which means automatic driving. S stands for Shared & Service, a move from car ownership to sharing. E stands for "Electric". The automobile market is expected to expand centered on these four changes.

IRISO sees this change to CASE as an opportunity. For example, in the "E" area of electrification, new equipment such as inverters, converters, chargers, and battery management systems will be installed in automobiles. in the "A" area of autonomous driving, cameras and radar will replace the human eye.
As new equipment increases due to change, the number of electrical and signal connection parts also increases. IRISO will develop unique products to meet these new fields, propose them to customers, and increase sales.

Industrial related market

The industrial equipment industry is undergoing major changes, as is the automotive industry. It is the arrival of 5G and the increase in production by robots utilizing IoT, which is expressed as Industry 4.0.
IRISO has established a specialized project in-house to develop connectors used in communication modules and FA-related equipment (robots, AI, control equipment).

Strengthen productivity and cost competitiveness

While aiming for net sales of 100 billion yen, we will also strengthen our production capacity. In addition to four plants in Ibaraki, Japan, Shanghai, China, Manila, the Philippines, and Hai Duong, Vietnam, in April 2018, the Nantong Plant, the fifth factory in China, started operation. Furthermore, we will build our sixth plant in Akita, Japan, with the aim of starting operations in 2025, and will strengthen our production system.

(Nantong Plant, which started operations in April 2018)