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Connectors for Robotic Assembly

Currently, the demand for industrial robots is expanding rapidly. Based on the technology we have cultivated so far, IRISO has launched a new concept of "Automation Connector" with the aim of widely publicizing connectors suitable for robot production.
Automation Connector are composed of three technologies that IRISO has cultivated so far, and will meet a wide range of customer robot production needs.

High-speed Transmission Solution

Against the background of 5G/Society 5.0, etc., the amount of information handled is increasing significantly. Along with this, various problems have arisen in ensuring signal quality in high-speed transmission of electrical connections. IRISO, Ltd. combines product technology and application engineering to provide solutions that solve these problems.

Automotive Coaxial Cable Camera Solution

Along with the growing needs for autonomous driving and ADAS, the demand for view cameras (surround view), e-mirrors, sensing cameras, monitoring cameras, etc. is rapidly increasing in the in-vehicle camera market.
We provide "in Onboard Coaxial Camera Solution" that enable "total proposals from camera internal connectors to connection cable connectors instead of single connectors." We will respond to a wide range of customer needs, such as streamlining of production processes by supporting Robot assembly, high-speed transmission and miniaturization of cameras, such as high-resolution and miniaturization of cameras.