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Thank you for your interest in IRISO. We will introduce IRISO in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can feel more familiar with us.


When the company was founded in 1966, our main business was so-called "wage work," in which we received parts supplied by our customers, assembled TV units, stereo circuit boards, etc., and were paid for our labor in crafting and processing them. .

Applications of Business and Products

We develop and manufacture "connectors" that connect electricity or signals inside automobile parts, industrial equipment, and consumer equipment, and sell them worldwide.


We will introduce IRISO 's strengths in various fields, such as the large number of variations of Floating Board to Board Connector , abundant sales results centered on the automotive market, and global expansion.


Our long-term vision is to achieve sales of 100 billion yen and rank within the top 10 of the world's connecting parts industry. We have set a target for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2030, and are working to capture markets that are expected to grow in the future and to strengthen our production capabilities.


Dividend policy, past dividends and dividend payout ratio.

President Interview

Interview with our CEO about our business performance and future plans.