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Business Opportunities

Creation of Business Opportunities by Targeting the ES Issues

Environmental and social issues, and necessary technologies and equipment

Environmental and social issues, and necessary technologies and equipment

Focus Areas for Iriso Electronics and Iriso Solutions

IRISO will deliver three solutions for “autonomous and ADAS, electrification, robotization and FA equipment” to meet the market needs.
Notably in the automotive market as our key focus area, net sales in the “automotive safety system market” for autonomous and ADAS are differentiated from those in the “powertrain market” for electrification, and we will focus our efforts on these key focus areas for business growth strategies.

Examples of solutions and value creation that IRISO' connectors can provide

ES Solutions for Automotive Industry


The global adoption of autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for assisting drivers is expected to have a significant effect on reducing traffic accidents caused by drivers.
Autonomous driving and ADAS require various sensors, such as onboard cameras and radar, that gather information from the outside world, and ECUs and other devices, that identify useful information in the data collected by the sensors and make decisions on vehicle control.
Our connectors are used for these devices and play a key role in improving the levels of autonomy in vehicles and ADAS development. 

IRISO Technologies and Core Competency in the Automated Driving and ADAS Markets

Connectors for Robotic Assembly

  • ・Connectors for robotic assembly are a group of products that are made by using the three technologies that IRISO has developed, "floating connectors," "Auto I-Lock," and "two-point contact connectors.
  • ・Robotic assembly ensures stable assembly quality and production tact time, and helps labor-saving practices and operating costs reduction.
  • ・Applicable to board-to-board connections in devices that play a key role in autonomous driving and ADAS, such as millimeter-wave radar and cameras.

Automotive Coaxial Cable Camera Solution

  • ・We offer the "Absorb 6G CAM" (hereafter, referred to as "Absorb 6G CAM"), a solution for onboard coaxial cable camera, in line with the concept of "total connector solutions for camera-inside system through connecting cables, not just a connector itself as a single product.
  • ・The connector is designed to meet diverse needs, such as streamlining the production process by assisting automated assembly, as well as increasing the image resolutions and miniaturizing the system of cameras by using our connectors suitable for high-speed transmission and product downsizing.

For more information on the coaxial cable camera, see the following.

Connectors for High-Speed Transmission

  • ・Internal connections in Engine Control Unit (ECU) for autonomous driving, which controls a large number of onboard cameras, need high-speed transmission
  • ・The 10143 series, which is capable of 25-Gbps high-speed transmission, the highest speed ever among all floating BtoB connectors, can meet such needs for higher speeds.


Vehicle electrification is important for a decarbonized society. IRISO connectors are used in xEVs (electrified vehicles) such as EVs, FCHVs, PHVs, and HEVs.
Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines, xEVs run on a rotating motor that uses electrical energy stored in a battery. Power systems for electric vehicles consist mainly of an onboard charger, battery management system, DC-DC converter, and inverter, which are referred to as the powertrain equipment of electric vehicles. IRISO connectors are installed in these powertrain devices. We have customers all over the world and play a part in the acceleration of car electrification worldwide.

IRISO Technologies and Advantages in the Electrification Market

Vibration Solution Service: Z-Move® + Vibration Simulation

  • ・The world's first three-dimensional floating BtoB connector "Z-Move ®" lineup, which was developed for use in harsh vibration environments, such as xEV powertrain equipment.
  • ・The vibration resistance of customers’ equipment can be evaluated by vibration analysis with unique simulations that IRISO has developed, as well as by using Z-Move®.

The IRISO "Vibration Resistance Solution Service" helps customers improve design reliability at the design phase and shorten their development time.

Help Customer Assembly

  • ・For inverters and converters
    Harness-less and solder-less connection is possible by using Z-Move®, which enables weight-saving, downsizing and automated assembly of devices.
  • ・For batteries
    The use of small wire-to-board connectors enables the downsizing of devices.

Worldwide Network of Customers

  • ・Business dealings with automotive equipment manufacturers around the world

Our connectors are used for xEV units of more than forty automakers worldwide.