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Brand Statement

IRISO Electronics is engaged in corporate identity (CI) activities. The aim of CI activities is to have the ever-growing IRISO Electronics recognized correctly and with an even better image by as many people as possible.
We will continue to provide satisfaction and excitement at all times to our customers. And by that, we aim at becoming a company that is appreciated, recognized, and regarded with pride by our customers as well as society as a whole.

IRISO Electronics began with a single pin.
The Brand Statement embodies our commitment of never forgetting how we felt at the time of our founding, even though we have become a general connector manufacturer today.
We will combine passion and wisdom, and bring forth innovation by every employee , to create a new Iriso in the 21st century.

Corporate Logo

Our logo illustrates an image of a connector that integrates high-quality pins.
Three lines express Iriso’s slogans; “a red line representing passion,” “a blue line representing wisdom,”“a green line representing connection.” These three lines show solid cohesion and convergence; they also show the future of IRISO Electronics – an aggregate of passion , wisdom , and connection -that links companies, people, information and all sorts of things into the future.

Communication Message

Let’s dream of connecting a better future.