Automation Connector automation connector

What is a Automation Connector?

Currently, the demand for industrial robots is expanding rapidly. Robot production contributes to the stabilization of assembly quality, production takt time, and the suppression of labor wage increases, but defects in the process such as foreign matter adhesion, mounting/ Mating misalignment, and incomplete Mating occur. There is also

Based on the technology we have cultivated so far, IRISO has launched a new concept of "Automation Connector" with the aim of widely publicizing connectors suitable for robot production.

Automation Connector are composed of three technologies that IRISO has cultivated so far, and we will widely respond to customer's robot production needs.

Three technologies that make up a Automation Connector

Floating Connector

IRISO boasts the industry's largest variety of Floating Connector Mating which the connection surface Floating when mated. The Floating Connector absorbs board misalignment and reduces stress on soldering parts. Prevents soldering cracks. It is also possible to mount and mate multiple Mating on the same board. We will respond to customer needs with a wide variety of variations.

Auto I-lock™

Until now, FPC/FFC cards were thought to be impossible to assemble robots, but IRISO industry's FPC / FFC Connectors The Auto I-Lock structure is automatically locked when an FPC/FFC card is inserted, ensuring reliable Mating. Robot assembly is possible even when using FPC/FFC cards.

2-Point Contact structure

IRISO' 2-Point Contact structure is a concept that has two contact structures on the same line. Stable contact is guaranteed with the ability to remove foreign matter such as floating matter and scattered flux, and reliable wiping. By adopting a 2-Point Contact structure, contact reliability is improved, which improves yield and contributes to total cost reduction.

Demonstration of actual machine assembly using Automation Connector

This is a demonstration video that reproduces the Robot assembly process by assembling an application equipped with IRISO 's solution "Automation Connector" with a wide variety of robots. We have a track record of implementation with various robot manufacturers, so we will introduce it together with specific examples.