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These terms and conditions apply when you register as a member of the member-only service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided on this website by IRISO (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). Applies to all usage. Changes to these Terms The Company may change these Terms without obtaining the consent of the members, and the members shall consent without objection. In addition, the changed terms will be effective from the time they are posted on this site.

Article 1 Member Registration

1. "Member" means a person who has applied for membership registration in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company and has been approved by the Company after undergoing the necessary screening and procedures.

2. Application for membership registration
Those who wish to use this service shall apply for membership registration in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company. We may refuse registration if there is an error or omission in the prescribed registration items, or if there is a false registration, or if there is a risk of causing a disadvantage to our company, or if the registration request is made by an individual who does not belong to a corporation. It is assumed that you have agreed to the contents of this membership contract at the time you apply for membership registration.

3. Notification of change
If there is any change in the content of notification to the Company, the member shall promptly notify the Company in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company. Even if the member suffers a disadvantage due to the lack of notification, the Company does not take any responsibility.

Article 2 Withdrawal

Members can withdraw from membership by applying to the Company.

Article 3 Cancellation of Membership

If a member falls under any of the following items, the Company may cancel the membership without prior notice to the member.

(1) When there is a false statement in the application for membership registration
(2) In case of violation of Other terms, regulations, etc., and Other laws, regulations, notifications, etc. separately stipulated by the Company.
(3) In the case of performing an act that falls under Article 6
(4) Other violations of these Terms
(5) In Other, when the Company determines that the Member is inappropriate.

Article 4 Usage Fee

Membership registration and use of the Service are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

Article 5 User ID and password management

In using this service, members shall agree to the following items.

(1) Members shall be fully responsible for the management and use of user IDs and passwords.
(2) Members shall not transfer or lend their user IDs and passwords to third parties.
(3) The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members due to errors in the use of user IDs and passwords, insufficient management, or unauthorized use by third parties.
(4) Members shall compensate for any damages incurred by the Company or its affiliated companies due to the use of their own personal authentication (including unauthorized use by a third party).

Article 6 Prohibitions

Members shall not engage in any of the following acts when using the Service.

(1) Acts of falsifying information that can be used by this service.
(2) Acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs, etc.
(3) Sending, receiving or writing information by pretending to be another person;
(4) Actions that infringe or may infringe the rights of the Company or a third party.
(5) Acts that slander, slander, or damage the credibility or honor of the Company or a third party.
(6) Actions that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to the Company or a third party.
(7) Acts of disclosing to others information, documents, graphics, etc. that are offensive to public order and morals.
(8) Acts that violate or may violate Other laws and regulations.
(9) Acts that interfere with the operation of services provided by the Company.
(10) The Service reserves the right to delete information listed in each item of the preceding paragraph and Other information that the Company deems inappropriate for the operation of the Service.

Article 7 Suspension of Service

In the following cases, the Company may suspend part or all of the Service without prior notice or consent to the Member.

(1) When performing maintenance or construction of the system of this service.
(2) When a fire, power outage, natural disaster, incident Other emergency has occurred or is likely to occur, making it impossible to operate the Service.
(3) When it is deemed necessary to suspend the service for operational Other reasons.

Article 8 No Warranty

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Article 9 Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights, and design rights related to information such as texts, images, or photographs provided by this service (hereinafter referred to as "works, etc.") belongs to the provider.

Members may use the works of the Company or information providers obtained through the Service only within the scope specified by the Company or within the scope of personal use permitted by copyright law.

Article 10 Disclaimer

1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by members or third parties due to delays, interruptions, or abolitions of the provision of this service, regardless of the reason.
2. In the event that a member causes damage to another member or a third party in connection with the use of this service, or if a member causes a dispute with another member or a third party, the member shall bear his/her own expenses and shall not cause any trouble or damage to the Company.
3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages suffered by members due to communication failures that occur when using this service, unauthorized access by other members or third parties, etc.

Article 11 Changes to Terms of Use

1. In accordance with the provisions of Article 548-4 of the Civil Code, the Company may, at any time, change the contents of the Service and the Terms if it deems necessary. In addition, if you start using this service after changing this agreement, the member will be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement.
2. In the event that the Company changes the Terms pursuant to the provisions of Article 548-4 of the Civil Code, the Company will notify the fact that the Terms will be changed, the contents of the Terms after the change, and the effective date, etc. on the website or by e-mail, etc. We will notify members by a method that we deem appropriate.

Article 12 Handling of personal information

The Company will properly handle personal information acquired through the use of this service in accordance with the Company's "Privacy Policy" and "Cookie Policy", and Members shall agree to the Company's handling of personal information. Please note that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of this service.

Article 13 Compensation for damages

1. If the Company suffers damages due to a member's violation of these Terms, the member shall be obligated to compensate the Company for the damages.
2. In the event that a third party seeks compensation from the Company due to a member's violation of these Terms, all costs and losses incurred by the Company shall be imposed on the member, and the member shall compensate the Company for damages. shall be obliged.

Article 14 Prohibition of Assignment of Rights and Obligations

Members may not transfer or pledge their status under the Terms of Use or their rights or obligations under these Terms to a third party without the Company's prior consent.

Article 15 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, the Yokohama District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes regarding this service.