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Business Conduct Policy

IRISO Business Conduct Policy

Under the management philosophy of “Bridging to a brighter tomorrow, we cherish individuality, cultivate values through innovation and creativity, and commit to a positive and smart future” IRISO Electronics been offering products that satisfy and impress our customers all the time.
The IRISO group globally engages in a wide array of business activities, and our CSR policy emphasizes that it is of crucial importance for everyone who works at the IRISO group to learn the management philosophy more deeply for applying it to every area of our business.

Today, the business environment surrounding IRISO has been drastically changing. Obviously, companies are required to supply products of excellent quality. In addition, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has already been imperative for businesses that globally operate, and we are required to fulfill our CSR for a wide array of aspects, such as the protection of the global environment, work environment, risk management and a sustainable society.

By applying our management philosophy to our business practices, we must ensure our actions meet the trust and expectations of all stakeholders involved with us, including customers, shareholders, employees and others. We hereby set up and announce the “Code of Business Conduct and Ethics” to show our strong commitment and determination to stakeholders both within and outside the IRISO group.

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves to guide day-to-day activities of every employee as a member of the IRISO group. It is designed to maintain and increase society’s trust in the group business, as well as playing a part in achieving a sustainable society.​ ​

IRISO Electronics. Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Hitoshi Suzuki

IRISO Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

We are committed to building a sustainable society through removing “mottainai," the term in Japanese which conveys the sense of regret over waste, from the earth.

  • We aim to value our customers, investors, employees and all other people, to continuously deliver top-quality products that satisfy and impress our customers, as well as to achieve high business efficiency, for increasing their happiness, trust and loyalty.
  • We respect the culture and history of each country, and everyone for who they are, while expanding our business globally.
  • We encourage every employee to act with a clear sense of purpose, to keep challenging all the time and to continuously make strong efforts for self-accomplishment, as well as a happy, full life.
  • We play a part in the global development of science and technology, as well as striving for a better society, to be recognized and supported by global communities.
  • We neither tolerate any antisocial force, nor get involved with them, to play a role in creating healthy civil societies.
  • We ensure our crisis management including terrorism, cyber security and disaster occurrence works well, set up a system to prepare against them, and improve our business continuity.

With Customers

  • We continue to develop and supply attractive, outstanding products.
  • We ensure we put quality first in developing and manufacturing through applying the finest technology in anticipation of customer needs.
  • We comply with applicable laws and regulations, give first priority to ethical sales activities, and never pursue sales increase or profit by violating applicable laws and regulations or social ethics even if the competition is vigorous.
  • We ensure we protect our customer personal information.

With Suppliers

  • We do business fairly and equally with global suppliers.
  • We ensure fairness and transparency in business with our suppliers, as well as aiming to build good partnership with suppliers.
  • We are committed to engaging in responsible procurement practices that promote the development of a sustainable society, in consideration of issues such as legal compliance, quality and safety, environmental protection, information security, workplace safety and health, and human rights and labor conditions.
  • We are dedicated to creating, protecting and making the most of our intellectual property rights, as well as respecting the rights of others.

With Shareholders

  • We achieve long-term stable growth and aim to increase our business value.
  • We ensure information is disclosed fairly and properly in accordance with the effective disclosure rules.
  • We promote mutual communication with society and enhance management transparency.

With Employees

  • We provide work environment for employees to express their individuality and motivation, as well as to do global activities.
  • We respect employee personality and individuality, encourage them to mutually accept their diversity, and work on creating their opportunities to do their best.
  • We respect human rights, aim to create nondiscriminatory and ethical labor conditions and equal employment opportunities, as well as being committed to creating friendly and positive workplace atmosphere.
  • We are dedicated to building healthy relationships with employees through active and honest communications.

With Local Community and Global Society

  • We are committed to solving environmental problems, which are global challenges facing humanity.
  • We are committed to preventing environmental pollution and periodically review our environmental objectives and goals, as well as working to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  • We educate employees about environmental protection activities, as well as being committed to increasing their understanding and awareness.
  • We aim to interact with local communities and support the volunteer community participation of employees.
  • We comply with international rules, and local laws and regulations, as well as aiming to build trust in a relationship with local communities for global business operations. 
  • We do not offer, demand, or accept bribes, money, or any other form of payment to obtain business advantage. 
  • We respect local cultures and customs, as well as playing a part in the growth and development of those communities.

(Amended on October 1, 2022)

IRISO Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics -Bylaws-