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Introducing IRISO’s “10127 Series” Connector for Electric Vehicle Powertrains

On May 29, 2020 IRISO Electronics (CEO Ikuo Yuki, headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan), announced an additional variation of the internal BtoB connector resonance absorption functioning “10120 Series” connector. The enhanced “10127 Series” showcases a lower profile connection of 8 mm to 30 mm between boards.
The “10127 Series” internal BtoB connector, featuring a 2mm pitch with Z-Move™ functionality, was specifically developed for electric vehicle powertrains (EV/PHV/HV). IRISO’s unique “Z-Move™” floating technology, where the Z axis moves while the contacts are fixed, has been widely adopted for it’s durability in extreme vibrating and shock resistant environments.

Product Features

Feature 1: Low Profile / Miniaturization
The “10127 Series” was modeled after the “10120 Series” connector by reducing the 11mm board height to 8 mm, allowing for greater miniaturization. It increases contact reliability by reducing minute sliding wear. IRISO’s unique “Z-Move™” technology allows the contacts to follow vibrations in the Z direction, absorbing the board resonance and providing high contact reliability. In addition, IRISO offers a vibration simulation service, reflecting decades of experience from past evaluation results. By working with customers from the initial design stage, we are able to propose more effective use of our connectors.
Feature 2: High Temperature Performance
A connector’s performance at higher temperatures is required due to the increase in heat generation around the engine and due to the increasing functionality of devices. Our high-temperature performance products can be used with confidence even in harsh high temperature environments.
Feature 3: Robot Assembly Compatible Connectors
Robot assembly contributes to a higher level of quality, stabilization of production takt time and cost savings. Therefore, IRISO has developed the concept of a “Robot Assembly Compatible Connector” suitable for robot assembly. To reduce foreign matter adhesion, mounting and mating misalignment, and incomplete mating during assembly, our “Robot Assembly Compatible Connectors” have a “Floating” function that absorbs board misalignments and a “Two-Point Contact” function that removes foreign matter adherence.

Product Specifications

  10127 Series 10120 Series
Pitch 2.0​mm 2.0​mm
Floating X:±0.5 Y:±0.5​ X:±0.65 Y:±0.65​
Pin Counts 8Pin 6~30Pin
Connecting Type Stacking Stacking
Height 8mm 11~30mm
Operating Temperature Range -40~+125℃ -40~+125℃
Rated Current 1.0A 1.0A
Rated Voltage 125V(AC,DC) 125V(AC,DC)
Contact Resistance 50mΩ 50mΩ
Withstand Voltage 500V 500V
Durability 10 times 10 times

* We will expand the variation of mating height and number of poles as needed.
The 10120/10127 Series Connectors are ideal for applications in powertrain/electric power steering such as in-vehicle inverters and converters, battery monitoring systems (BMS), and motor/robot controllers, factory automation equipment, power meters such as smart grid equipment.
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10127 Series
10120 Series

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IRISO Electronics is a leading company in connector development in the automotive market and has excelled in the infotainment, ADAS and Powertrain segments. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of product development and developed a wide range of know-how cultivated in the automotive market to all electronic devices in both the consumer and industrial related products. We are focused on product development that is easy to use and easy to work with.

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