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2020.07.31New products

Released the 16124 series Compression Terminal for smartphones and tablets.

On July 31, 2020, IRISO (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Ikuo Yuki) announced the "16124 Series" ultra-compact Compression Terminal, an EMI countermeasure functional component in equipment.
With the spread of 5G/IoT, EMI countermeasures in the internal circuits of each device are becoming more important, and reliable ground connections are required at various parts. In order to solve the issues of EMI countermeasures and ground reinforcement, IRISO Electronics has developed the industry's smallest class "16124 series" that can be used for small devices such as smartphones and tablets. Copper alloy with excellent conductivity and spring properties is used, and can be used for device connection other than ground connection.

Major features

Feature 1: Both miniaturization and high reliability
In order to achieve stable contact pressure, by adopting dimple processing on the contact, excellent contact performance is achieved even with ultra-small size. In addition, the wiping effect at the time of contact reduces the effects of dust and films formed on the contact surface, so it can be used safely against foreign matter.
In addition, by adopting a side protector that can limit the stress from the left and right and excessive pushing, the contact deformation is less likely to occur.
Feature 2: Diverse line-up
The Compression Terminal lineup covers a wide compression range from 0.6 to 7.0mm so that it can be used for substrates in any application. In order to support how to use it according to the customer's purpose, our website "compression search”.

Product Specifications

  • Mating shape


  • Use compression range

    1.0 to 0.8mm (recommended compression value 0.9mm)

  • Contact force (at recommended compression)


  • Operating temperature limit


  • Rated current


  • Rated voltage

    50V (AC/DC)

  • Contact resistance

    50 mΩ

  • Number of insertion/removal

    10 times

This connector is suitable for use in communication devices such as smartphones, tablet terminals, smart watches, and mobile routers, as well as home Home Appliances such as home game consoles and communication robots.
For more information, please visit the IRISO website.
16124 series


IRISO is a leading company in the development of connectors for the automotive market such as infotainment, ADAS and powertrain. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of product development and applied the know-how we have cultivated in the automotive market to a wide range of electronic devices, including communication-related devices, consumer-related devices, and industrial-related devices. We also focus on product development.

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