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2020.10.19New products

Announced the 11503 series FPC / FFC Connectors compatible with 25Gbps transmission for 5G communication equipment

On October 19, 2020, IRISO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Representative Director: Ikuo Yuki) announced an FPC / FFC Connectors that enables high-speed transmission of up to 25 Gbps in communication equipment such as 5G base stations. "11503 series" was announced.
It has a unique Auto I-Lock structure that makes it difficult to remove but easy to remove. It has a GND and takes EMC countermeasures into consideration. Optimized contact structure supports up to 25Gbps transmission range.
We also added a confirmation window to the construction of our sister 11501 series to allow visual inspection of full FPC/FFC insertion. We also contribute to the efficiency of assembly work.

Major features

Feature 1: Auto I-Lock structure ™
This series uses IRISO 's unique "Auto I-Lock structure ™ *1" structure.
The structure eliminates the need to open and close the slider cover and cover, and locks the FPC/ Mating card as soon as it is inserted. (The lock is released by pressing the top of the lever.)
*1 Auto I-Lock structure is a registered trademark of IRISO, Ltd.
Feature 2: High Speed
The recent advances in equipment functionality and the increase in the amount of information are spurring demand for high-speed transmission support in connection parts. In addition, the increase in the high frequency components of the signal has brought about a situation where we have to pay attention to details that were not a problem before. IRISO 's high-speed transmission compatible products are optimally designed by organically combining numerous on-site evaluations and simulations. This product achieves high-speed transmission up to 25 Gbps by selecting a shielded FFC.
Feature 3: Usability improvement
This series follows the shape of its sister product, the 11501 series, and adopts an "FFC insertion detection window" and a "jaw protruding shape" for improved operability.
By providing detection windows at both ends of the upper part of the connector, the FFC insertion position can be visually recognized.
It is expected to omit the insertion check step.
In addition, with conventional products, it was necessary to pinpoint the frontage to some extent when inserting the FFC, but with the 11503 series, the cut in the frontage is deepened and the shape of the chin protrudes to widen the opening for the FFC. Furthermore, by providing a taper at the top of the Mating opening to make it easier for the FFC to follow, the ability to attract the FFC is improved.

Product Specifications

  • pitch


  • implementation

    Right Angle

  • Operating temperature limit


  • Rated current


  • Rated voltage

    50V (AC/DC)

  • Contact resistance

    40 mΩ

  • Number of insertion/removal

    20 times

This connector is suitable for communication equipment such as 5G base stations, servers, switchers, home Home Appliances such as liquid crystal TVs, home game machines, communication robots, and automotive equipment such as cluster panels and navigation systems.
For more information, please visit the IRISO website.
11503 series



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