2021.03.23New Products

IRISO Electronics Announces “10141 Series” Floating Board-to-Board Connector for Automatic Assembly


On March 23, 2021, IRISO Electronics (CEO Ikuo Yuki, headquartered in Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan) announced the “10141 Series”, a floating board-to-board connector (BtoB) with one of the largest floating ranges in the industry.

The movement allowance is ± 1.2 mm in the X and Y directions, which is more than twice the product pitch of 0.5 mm. It absorbs deviation during board assembly and supports automatic assembly by robots. This series mates with the existing 10106B Series line up of products, providing a variety of height and pin count options. Production is currently underway and mass production is expected at the end of 2021.

Product Features

Feature 1 : Floating Capabilities
The floating capabilities of this BtoB connector are limited to the socket side only, achieving a float range ± 1.2 mm in the X and Y directions.
The chamfered edges at the entry of the socket allow the alignment to be displaced up to 1.2 mm during mating.
Because this product is designed with the floating component on one side, compared to dual movement BtoB, it can lead to a reduction in the number of connectors, contributing to overall cost reduction of customers.

Feature 2 : Two-Point Contact
Two-Point Contact provides reliable connections even in an environment where dust and dirt occur by reliably removing foreign matter at the front contact. It can be confidently be used in devices that require high connection reliability.

Feature 3 : Low Insertion Force
By staggering the contact positions of every other pin, we designed a structure that evenly distributes mating force applied. In turn, this reduces the insertion force, a common challenge for two-point contact connectors.

Product Specifications

  • Pitch

    0.5 mm

  • Floating

    X:±1.2 mm Y:±1.2 mm

  • Pin Counts

    120P, 140P

  • Connecting Type


  • Height

    20 mm

  • Operating Temperature Range


  • Rated Current

    0.5 A

  • Rated Voltage

    50 V(AC,DC)

  • Contact Resistance

    100 mΩ

  • Withstand Voltage

    250 V

  • Durability

    30 times


This connector is suitable for applications such as car navigation systems, in-vehicle infotainment equipment such as IVI, factory automation equipment such as PLCs, inverters and robot controllers, and smart grit equipment such as electricity meters.

IRISO Electronics is a leading company in the development of connectors for the automotive market, including infotainment, ADAS and powertrains. In recent years, we have expanded our product development scope and the know-how we have cultivated in the automotive market, to a wide range of electronic devices, including telecommunications-related, consumer-related, and industrial-related equipment. We are focused on product development that is easy to use and easy to work with.

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