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Notice of CEATEC 2022 Online Exhibition

IRISO, Ltd. will exhibit online at "CEATEC 2022" to be held from October 1st (Sat) to 31st (Mon), 2022.
We will introduce new products and connection proposals with videos, etc. under the theme of "Connecting to a new daily life, the future."
We look forward to your visit.


CEATEC 2022 (Combined Exhibition of Advanced TECHnologies) is Asia's largest international exhibition of IT technology and electronics. It's a meeting.

Exhibition period

Online venue: October 1st (Sat) - 31st (Mon), 2022


Free (Registration system for all visitors)
*Online pre-registration is required for admission.

Our booth
*Those who have already registered as visitors to CEATEC 2022 can visit our booth directly.

Exhibition channel

Introducing high-speed transmission Floating structure Board to Board Connectors and connection proposals for smart factories, 5G communications, autonomous driving, and electrification

CEATEC 2022 visitor campaign

All those who visited the IRISO booth in CEATEC 2022 and answered the questionnaire from our booth will receive a “selectable digital gift”! In addition, 10 people can be exchanged for Amazon gift certificates by lottery! We will give you a gift of 3000 yen worth of selectable pay.
We look forward to receiving your application.

* Details of the selectable digital gifts will be sent by email to the email address listed in the questionnaire at a later date.
*Please note that this campaign may be temporarily suspended, changed (including prizes), or canceled without prior notice. For details, please check the application requirements and disclaimer on the questionnaire form.