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Floating Connector   Selection Guide 

Floating Connector Selection Guide

At IRISO, we utilize our highly specialized and reliable Floating structure technology to offer a wide variety of world-class products. On this page, we will introduce the features and specifications of our products, focusing on size, etc., so that you can choose the most suitable connector from our extensive lineup.

Search by Pitch

pitch number of poles Corresponding Mating Height Products
1.0mm pitch (standard) 6 ~ 30 pins 5.5 ~ 19.65mm
0.8mm pitch (standard) 30 ~ 100 pins 6 ~ 24.7mm
0.635mm pitch (standard) 2 ~ 120 pins 6.5 ~ 30.55mm
0.5mm pitch (standard) 40 ~ 160 pins 8.0 ~ 16.0mm
0.5mm pitch (high profile, large Floating) 40 ~ 140 pins 20.0 ~ 30.0mm
0.5mm pitch (high speed, right angle connection) 10 ~ 60 pins

Products by pitch

We will introduce the features and basic specifications of each series for each pitch.
Also, if there are multiple groups with the same pitch, they are classified by type for each feature.

1.0mm pitch (standard)

A 1.0 mm pitch Floating Connector with a wide range of variations and an easy-to-use size.

0.8mm pitch (standard)

Easy-to-use 0.8mm pitch Floating Connector that supports a wide range of Mating Height connections.

0.635mm pitch (standard)

Floating Connector with 2-point contact connection that supports various Mating Height.

0.5mm pitch (standard)

Floating Connector with Mating compatibility based on right angle connection of two points of contact. Options include right angle connection, high-speed transmission support (bellows single-point contact), low insertion/extraction force single-point contact (for right angle connection), etc., supporting a wide range of basic board-to-board connections.

0.5mm pitch (high profile, large Floating)

It is a highly reliable Floating Connector with 2-point contacts that has a large Floating range that exceeds the pitch and supports Mating Height of 20 to 30mm.

0.5mm pitch (high speed, right angle connection)

Floating Connector specialized for right angle connection, consisting of a vertical Floating Socket Connectors and a right angle plug connector. A narrow pitch of 0.5mm realizes high mounting density and supports high-speed transmission.

Mating search

From Mating Height and product pitch, you can check the list of product pin counts that have the combination you want to check. By clicking the target square, a list of combinations of target products will be displayed, and you can see the product details page from "series" and "product name". (The number of poles cannot be limited.)

Category search

If you know the product name and conditions of the target product, you can narrow down by number of poles, pitch, series name, etc. from the category search.